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He doesn’t have the washboard abs or the most perfectly curled hair to sport.

In fact, the ginger hair and the nerdy demeanor are quite unbecoming of a pop star who has turned into this phenomenon that the world can’t get enough of.

But there is something about Ed Sheeran that makes the world want to love him.

He walks into an auditorium crammed with fans wearing sneakers, a plaid shirt and an old pair of jeans like a monk in a trance. And within just minutes, it’s the audience who gets into the trance.

He’s cool. Not high headed at all. He seems like a guy who you can walk up and talk to.

That might have to do with him being self-made and having seen the struggle.

He might be worth €175  million today, but he seems like the same 14-year-old who left his home in Suffolk looking for the big break.

But if we were to pick 5 reasons why the world loves him, then here they are.

He’s gifted: From being an unknown singer to blazing a trail with his self-made albums and Eps, and finally opening shows with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran has a gift for music. Listen to any of his songs and you’ll know that this is a guy who’s got the talent. And he writes his own songs and is kind enough to write it for other singers and musicians too. Don’t forget the rap.

He’s determined: There’s nothing more motivating than a young lad who trusts in himself and leaves a small town to make it big and actually does it. If all his struggle and early days are to go by, Ed Sheeran is a very determined individual and he owes his success to himself.

He’s friendly: He’s probably one of the few musicians in the world who can walk up to a fan, singing one of his popular songs in a mall and turn it into a duet on stage with her. How’s that for a sheerio? Ed is a very friendly person. Ask Taylor Swift or Courtney Cox or Jamie Foxx or some of the other people that he’s pals with.

His love for cats: Ed loves cats. In fact, he loves them so much that he gets drunk with his cat in a music video called ‘Drunk’ and shares his woes with him. His cat Graham has a Twitter account of his own where he rants about his daily life and also shares kisses with Taylor Swift’s cats.

He’s old school: Ever seen a concert where the only setup on stage are microphone stands, loop pedals and a guitar? That’s straight out of Ed Sheeran’s concerts. No digitized setups, no backup crew. He’s a one man band and he will have the crowd eating out of his palms, all by himself.

And if this is not enough, the guy is body positive. He doesn’t care about eating clean and counting calories. He’s happy in his space and with his music.

Sounds like just the kind of guy that the world needs.

People like him are rare and deserve all the love that he’s getting.

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